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Looking to update your floors? Replacing your outdated flooring or refinishing  your existing hardwoods is an amazing way to update your entire home. If you're new to the world of hardwood flooring- check out the link below so we can help you understand what to expect!


Our Services

Calhoun hardwoods has been around for years, and we've seen it all! We've worked hard to become experts in our industry and provide professional services for any hardwood flooring needs you might have.

Install + Remodel

Hardwood floors are often the first improvement made by homeowners looking to improve their home. Replacing carpeted or tiled surfaces with custom hardwood flooring will dramatically change the look and feel of your home.


While hardwood floors are a very durable and long-lasting flooring choice, sometimes repairs are needed!  A dulled aesthetic appearance isn’t the only reason to repair hardwood flooring. 


Staining a wood floor offers opportunity to elevate the entire feel of your home. Keep things light with a natural stain, or add a dramatic contrast with a dark ebony stain.

Sand + Finish

Sanding and finishing hardwood floors creates uniformity in the color and finish of the floors. Hardwood floors require sand and finish to restore an original look. Or, when stains occur, sand and finish is the best way to restore an even look.

Recoating your floors is a great way to create new luster and life to your floors. This is one of the fastest and easiest methods to improve the look of your home and prevent future damage.


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Linda R.

Floor Refinish

Great attention to detail. Really worked diligently with me on getting the right color stain and to make sure I was happy with the finished product. Very happy with result!

Jackie K.

Very professional and excellent results.

Paris M.

I was very satisfied with their work. Great quality, great customer service, and very helpful! I'd highly recommend them to anyone.

Sarah P.

They were very prompt with their responses and always on time. They brought any concerns to my attention immediately. They laced new wood flooring into existing and it looks seamless. They totally killed it. My floors are the gold star of my home renovation. I've already recommended them to several people.

Floor Refinish

Floor Repair

Full Install